Laser Clean Range Pressurised Air Duster 400mL

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Laser Clean Range Pressurised Air Duster 400mL

The Laser Pressurised Air Duster will help to remove dirt and dust from your devices. 
This easy to operate can also includes an extension tube for more precise cleaning, helping you keep your workspace dust free.

You can use the duster to clean your keyboard, laptop, USB hubs and any other space where dust may gather. 
It is made using an environmentally friendly, HFC free formula. 
You can use the extension tube to get into tight spaces, such as between keys on your keyboard. 

The can has a 400 mL capacity.

This item is only suitable for internal hardware component 
(Example: Computer Hardware/Laptop Motherboard/Dusty internal components)

Please note item is not suitable to clean LCD or Display can damage devices.

Dust-off compressed air safely and quickly blow dust, dirt and debris from even the hard to reach places with the help of this air duster and its extension tube.

Ideal for everyday use at home or office, this portable air duster provides potent dust-removing power for practically any task. 
You can clean keyboards, computers, printers, cameras, projectors and more with this useful product. 
This portable friendly product can easily fit into a bag and be carried to any place where its potential requirement might arise.

Key Features:

  •  Air Duster Spray for hard to reach places
  •  400 ml capacity
  •  Can be used on various electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, TVs and more
  •  Compact and easily portable
  •  Ideal for everyday use at home or office

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